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Kitchen Paint Portland

Choose the Suitable Colors For your Kitchen

Another brilliant way to give a fresh and new look to your kitchen is by painting it. Many awesome colors may compliment your desired bathroom concept. However, when deciding on the appropriate color scheme, several details need to be considered. These details include your kitchen cabinets, accent walls, hardware, appliances, and other kitchen parts. How much light your kitchen gets is also an important detail to consider. If your kitchen receives more natural light, you may add some bits of darker tones to highlight your kitchen design. For the absence of natural light source, you can opt for warmer and lighter colors. Now, check out these helpful tips that we have gathered to help you decide appropriate colors for your kitchen walls, ceilings, and cabinets.

Kitchen Paint Portland

  1. Choose your color palette.

Ensure that the color you have chosen should complement your kitchen concept and your kitchen fixtures and items like the cabinets, backsplash, and others. Consider the existing colors of the cabinets and walls. It should perfectly match your color palette. You can visit many hardware stores to check the quality and prices of the paint personally.

  1. Choose Neutral Color for your Kitchen Countertops

Your countertops occupy an immense space in your kitchen, so people are naturally drawn to it once they go inside your kitchen. So choosing the appropriate color will make everything right. Using a neutral color for your countertops can help in accentuating your kitchen backsplash.

  1. Paint your Cabinet

Your kitchen cabinets play very important roles both for functional and decorative reasons. They cover most of your kitchen wall. Check the materials used for your cabinets to choose the right texture and color. White is a good color because it complements many other colors; however, white may get dirty quickly, so maintaining it is quite overwhelming.

  1. Bring your Creativity with your Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash protects the wall from stains and splashings while providing an aesthetic visual to your kitchen. You can use a solid color to paint your backsplash and make it stylish by stenciling a design. There are lots of colors available for choosing.

  1. Consider Proper Lighting

A proper combination of your kitchen color and light creates a desirable ambiance. It determines the mode and also provides convenience.

Kitchen Paint Portland

Trendy Kitchen Painting Ideas

Find the right colors for your kitchen with these fantastic and exciting color palettes. You can transform your kitchen by being creative with colors.

  1. Match similar color tones for a more unified look.

You can use one color tone and use the darkest shade in painting the cabinet or the wall frames. Using the same tones creates a coherency of color.

  1. Complement Two Colors of the same Hue.

Pair two-tone colors and paint your wall with a tone that has a warmer color for a more appealing visual.

  1. Highlight your Kitchen Island

Turn your kitchen island into the center of attention with bold color.

  1. Paint you Ceiling

Add more character to your kitchen by painting your ceiling with interesting colors that match your wall or your kitchen island.

  1. Be creative with Contrasting Pairing of Colors

For a warmer and more homey ambiance, you can artistically match two or more contrasting colors. Make sure you do not go overboard, as your kitchen may look more discombobulated than uniform.

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