Kitchen Lighting Portland

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Kitchen Lighting Portland

Get your Kitchen Lighting Right

Lighting is an essential factor in getting the most out of the functionality of your kitchen. Well placed lighting fixtures maximizes the visibility of your kitchen which is a great help when doing your daily kitchen chores. Moreover, the mood and ambiance of your kitchen can be influenced by choosing the appropriate light and tones. So it is necessary that you have more than 1 lighting options.

Kitchen Lighting Portland

Three Types of Kitchen Lighting

Lighting enhances both the functional purpose and the design of your kitchen. So installing the appropriate light for each part of your kitchen is a crucial step in achieving the desired kitchen concept. Here are the different lighting fixtures you can choose from.

  1. Ambient Lighting

It is otherwise called general lighting as it provides the major light in your kitchen. It determines the ambiance and tone of your kitchen. You need this type of lighting when your room is too bright or too dark. Examples of ambient lighting are chandeliers, track lights, pot lights, and other lights that highlight the ambiance of your kitchen.

  1. Task Lighting

The purpose of task lighting is to light a specific thing only like when cooking or reading. Task lighting is very helpful in the kitchen, especially for functional purposes. It is often installed in the cooking area, counters, under the cabinets, and sink where most of the chores are executed.

  1. Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting accentuates the architectural design and features of your kitchen. This is often paired with the general lighting to create a better illumination of the area without causing shadows. This type of lighting is often installed in the corner, the top of the cabinets, or anywhere which is not properly illuminated. Track light and spotlight are common examples of accent lighting.

Light Fixtures Suited for Each Lighting Feature

Upgrading and choosing the right light fixtures for your kitchen is essential in attaining a well-lighted kitchen area. Here are the suitable lighting fixtures for each type of light.

  • Ambient Light

  • Flush and semi-flush mount 

  • Recessed lighting

  • Dimmer switches

  • Chandelier, pendant, and bar lighting

  • Under-cabinet bar light

  • Task Light

  • Track lighting

  • Under the cabinet light

  • Spotlight

  • Accent Light

  • Built-in cove light

  • Toe-kick lighting

  • Low-profile cabinet mounted light

Kitchen Lighting Portland

Proper Installation of the different Light Fixtures

Check this guideline for the proper installation of these light fixtures based on their functions and designs.

  • Ambient Light

If you have a kitchen island, you can hang your ambient light such as chandelier, lantern, or flush and semi-flush light fixtures directly above it for a better distribution of the light in the room. For kitchens without islands, you can install it at the center of the ceiling. 

For recessed types of light, you can place it on top of your countertops or cabinets just a few inches away from the front edges to avoid casting shadows. It is also recommended that you leave at least half of the height of the ceiling when installing a recessed light on the ceiling.

  • Task Lighting

To directly cast the light down to the specific area, task lighting such as the pendant light should be installed right above the sink, cooking area, dining table, and other areas of activity. However, if your gas stove or refrigerator for instance has built-in light already, you should not place your task light directly onto it. You can also install LED strips or tapes underneath your kitchen cabinets for you to see the items and inside the cabinets.

  • Accent Lighting

For a better highlight of your kitchen decorative designs, make sure to place your cove lights at the corners of your kitchen ceiling. You can also strategically set your kitchen puck light at the bottom of your upper cabinets to highlight your kitchen decorative item such as a flower base. For shelves, you can install a backlight to provide a decorative light.

Talk with Kitchen Experts

You can always ask kitchen experts to provide a necessary plan regarding the installation of kitchen lights. You can discuss all the necessary details and you will be provided with a free estimate.

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