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Kitchen Equipment Portland

Many homeowners often purchase kitchen equipment that would go together with their newly revamped kitchen. The reasons may vary. It could be because of the failure of the equipment to function or incompatibility with the upgrades that happened during the renovation. Whatever the reason may be, Kitchen Equipment Portland has the ultimate advice when furnishing your kitchen with the equipment you need.

Kitchen Equipment Portland


Take a look at your kitchen that will be remodeled. What sort of equipment are you going to place at which part of the kitchen area? Consider the type of kitchen you are going for before the whole renovation takes place. Make sure that you have an idea of the floor plan, the kitchen layout as well as the systems beneath it that makes your kitchen function properly. Our team will be able to support your idea once they are all laid out plans.

If you plan to make your kitchen bigger, allot ample spaces for your equipment which will allow you to be comfortable enough to do work efficiently and clean up without any hassle. If you are going for a smaller, minimalist kitchen, it is best to consider smaller equipment that can fit in the kitchen you are going for. Communicate these changes to the renovation team to make the inner workings of your kitchen compatible with the equipment that you are going to install; the electrical wirings, pipes and gas lines must match with whatever equipment you plan to put in the kitchen. Once you have done the planning well, it is time for you to secure the purchase of your kitchen equipment.


Kitchen Equipment Portland is here to assist you with the equipment purchase. We have all sorts of equipment that can match the type of kitchen that you have. But before every purchase, it is important to take consider these factors:

  • Purchase equipment from trusted sellers or shops. Just like Kitchen Equipment Portland, shops and sellers for kitchen equipment are everywhere in Oregon and everyone knows their trade and business. Ask for a consultation before asking for a price quote. Experts know well what equipment you will be needing to put in your newly-remodeled kitchen. Be sure to purchase authentic products especially when choosing branded equipment. Double check the warranty as well as the specs that would define if these equipment are at par with the standard equipment sold in the country.

  • Necessity first! Make sure that the first equipment you purchase are the ones that you really need. Think about which pieces of equipment should always be present in the kitchen. Once you do that, you can easily prioritize which to purchase for your revamped kitchen. If you have time and money, then you can follow up the purchase with the things you want to put in your kitchen. 

  • Pre-owned equipment is okay. If you happen to find a good thrift shop that offers good quality second hand equipment, go for it. Just make sure that these equipment are compatible with the upgrades you did on your kitchen and that they still function well and do not need constant maintenance. The advantage of having new equipment is that you are assured of the quality and the warranty on the equipment is trustworthy.


  • Remember to keep track of your finances. While it is good to splurge on equipment especially when renovating your kitchen, it is best to see the good side of being thrifty. With all the renovations you need to do in the kitchen, there might be a chance that the equipment you are going to need will not be as budget-friendly. Be careful what you spend and always think of the things that you need to purchase based on priority.

Kitchen Equipment Portland


Kitchen Equipment Portland has all the right stuff for you and we will be more than happy to help provide and install kitchen equipment in your newly renovated kitchen. We also have kitchen supplies and chef supplies available. For more information and details about kitchen equipment, contact us. Let us make your beautiful dream kitchen happen!

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