Kitchen Design Portland

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Kitchen Design Portland

One of the most common reasons why a homeowner wants a kitchen remodel is because they are not satisfied with their current kitchen’s design. A part of planning for a major kitchen revamp would be designing and clients are eager to pitch in their ideas of a perfect kitchen for their home. Unfortunately, some ideas cannot be easily integrated due to a lot of factors like the measurement of the area, space as well as time and budget constraints. Just because some ideas seem far-fetched does not mean it is not feasible. When thinking about kitchen design, consider these factors to make your dream kitchen makeover a reality.

Kitchen Design Portland

Functionality - The kitchen is where food is made (sometimes served) and it is best that its function remains the same. If you are making changes to your kitchen, make sure that the main function of this part of the house will not be compromised. Nobody wants a kitchen that is only for show. Double check the things that make your kitchen productive; gas range, gas line, electricals, lighting, water pipes. Make sure that your contractor informs you of any changes on these essential parts before pushing through with the revamp. Contractors have a keen eye with how design works with function but it is always best to look at a matter with more than a pair of eyes to make sure nothing goes amiss. With proper evaluation of the inner workings of the kitchen, its function will be improved and the homeowner will surely be happy with the upgrades and the usage of the different kitchen gadgets installed.

Space and Storage - The measurement of the area where your kitchen stands is a good indicator of whether you can maximize a space or not. With that said, space is important to have in the kitchen. It is difficult for a homeowner to have a stuffy kitchen which may need constant maintenance or decluttering. It is best to include space as an important factor to have in your kitchen as it will help you with determining whether your kitchen needs a total overhaul or just a few sweeps of a broom. Storage plays a role in space as well. Most of the time, the kitchen area’s space is compromised by storage mechanisms such as cabinets and drawers. Check the floor plan and consult your contractor on how the construction of cabinets can be maximized not only horizontally but also vertically. Make use of space in a 3D perspective, from the ceiling to the floor and wall to wall. Try to think outside of the box. Sometimes, genius kitchen design comes out of an open, creative mind.

Layout - As was previously mentioned above, space is a vital factor to consider for kitchen design. A kitchen layout would make thinking about space a lot easier than just looking at the area alone. Many types of layouts are available for various kitchen sizes and types. There are traditional, modern, fusion and artistic types of layouts. Contractors also keep references of their previous jobs which may help the client design or envision the design that they are opting for their kitchens. Again, it is not necessary for you to follow the norm. You can design your own layout, consult your idea with the experts and try to work it out and make it happen!

Kitchen Design Portland


It is always advisable to get the help of experts on the matter of kitchen renovation. Our team of professionals got you covered on different remodeling services such as installation of different kitchen gadgets and improvement of the kitchen utilities. Contact us and we will be sure to make your kitchen design for your renovations an easy task to execute. Make your dream kitchen happen!

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